DO NOT ever send any money to anyone unless requested to do so here, in Your Personal Cabinet. P3GAIN will never request you for money by either email or mobile phone, ONLY through this website and through YOUR Personal Cabinet to be even more specific. Not even your direct superiors in P3GAIN will ever be authorized to commission you to send money to anyone! Any such request is a fraud and has to be REPORTED immediately to

          Once again P3GAIN will commission you to send money to another P3GAIN member ONLY in this area — YOUR Personal Cabinet. Through email P3GAIN will only notify you of a new commission that has been posted in your personal Cabinet. All the details of the transaction will only be available in here.

          One other extremely important rule! When you receive a help (money) from another P3GAIN member never confirm the receipt until you are actually in possession of the funds. You might be asked to confirm a payment: «Hey, I am just coming out of my bank. The money will be in your account shortly. The time allocated to me to do this transaction runs out though. Anyway you can confirm my payment now? Common, it will be in your bank in an instant anyway!» No! Never comply to such requests! Trust, but verify! Wisdom of the Ages.